Baltic amber teething necklace - cognac beans teething necklace

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Since Baltic amber can simply be activated by being warmed thru skin contact, amber is consistently a top choice as a natural, non-invasive pain reliever and perfect to soothe a teething baby naturally. Marvelous Mom’s teething necklaces are made with safety in mind. There is a knot between each bead so that in the unlikely event the necklace should break, only one bead would be lost. They are also made with a give-away screw clasp. Please note: Teething necklaces are to be worn, not placed in the mouth or chewed. Lengths may vary slightly depending on beads used. Because amber is natural no 2 beads will ever be the same therefore no 2 necklaces will ever be the same. 11" will generally fit a child 0-2 years old. 12.5" will generally fit a child 0-4 years old. Please measure before ordering to ensure a proper fit.