Baltic Amber Hazelwood Teething Bracelet and Necklace

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Hazelwood and Baltic Amber Teething Set
5.5" bracelet anklet Hazelwood and Baltic Amber
11" Necklace Hazelwood and Baltic Amber

Since Baltic amber can simply be activated by being warmed thru skin contact, amber is consistently a top choice as a natural, non-invasive pain reliever and perfect to soothe a teething baby naturally.

Hazelwood is natural and native to Canada, hazelwood is an alkaline wood that can balance the body’s PH level by neutralizing and absorbing excess acid within the body when in direct contact with the skin. This will help improve symptoms from skin conditions like acne, eczema and psoriasis, as well as internal conditions such as ulcers, acid reflux, heartburn and more.

Marvelous Mom’s teething necklaces are made with safety in mind. There is a knot between each bead so that in the unlikely event the necklace should break, only one bead would be lost. They are also made with a giveaway screw clasp.

Please note: Teething necklaces are to be worn, not placed in the mouth or chewed.

Lengths may vary slightly depending on beads used.
Because amber is natural no 2 beads will ever be the same therefore no 2 necklaces will ever be the same.